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A Party Without Cheese 

Is Just a Meeting

You pick the venue and I'll bring the cheese! Enjoy a personalized cheese class featuring 5 cheeses to work your palate. You'll also get a take home worksheet so you remember exactly what you did (or didn't) like. We’ll cover topics such as farming, the cheese making process, and of course the story behind each cheese you taste! Classes are fun and interactive. 

Due to liquor licenses I cannot provide beverages, but I can give you a list of suggested pairings free of charge! 

Soiree:             4-6 People  $150
Celebration:  7-10 People  $200
+ $20/person over 10 people

Milage:           $1.50/mile from 13315 106th St. NYA, MN 55397 *1 way

Interested in hosting more people? Contact us below for details about larger sized classes and corporate events.

Have a Virtual Cheese class!

The perfect way to enjoy some good cheese and learn- virtually!

We have 2 options for this!


If you're local- Come pick up your class essentials (cheese and a worksheet!) from an agreed upon stop the morning of your class. Then sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, tasting some scrumptious cheeses and learning a little bit about how they're made! No additional charge

If you're from afar- We work with a local creamery to ship you 5-6 wedges of a variety of artisan Minnesota Cheeses plus a few other goodies. On the day of your class, grab a cutting board and a knife and dig in as we discuss everything from how cheese is made to the specifics on the cheeses you're trying. 

$100 presenters fee + cheese and shipping, prices vary

class questions? Contact us below

Responses can take up to 4 days. Feel free to call us at 952-334-3225 for a more rapid response! You can also book a class at the button above.





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